Slot Tournaments in Vegas Casinos

While it may be difficult to imagine, there are plenty of slot tournaments in Vegas and other brick and mortar casinos. Rather than being done based on comp points like online casino tournaments, the traditional casino’s slot tournament is far different and there are always excellent prizes available whenever a casino hosts a slot tournament.

These tournaments are fun for the participants and are designed to bring in extra people to casino. Even watching these tournaments can be enjoyable as well. Some tournaments see you playing traditional 3-reel slots games, whereas others will see you playing new video slots.

Other competitions may see you playing 5-reel classics like the games at Jackpot Party Casino.


How a Traditional Casino’s Slot Tournament Works

For the Vegas casino or anywhere else for that matter, a slot tournament starts by getting players together. Once they know how many slots players are going to participating, they will get enough machines for everyone to play on. Each round of the tournament has each player assigned a slot machine at random. Sometimes they are identical machines but sometimes they are different machines, but all will have the same line and max bet as well as similar top payouts as well to keep things even. Each player plays for the designated time and the person with the biggest bank roll at the end of the round wins the round. This continues on until a final winner is chosen.


Two Types of Slot Tournaments

There are two ways that a typical slot tournament determines a winner. Some tournaments pit all the players against each other, round after round. Some of these simply take the top paid winner as their top winner but others base it on the person who wins the most rounds during the tournament. The other type of tournament is a elimination based tournament where a bracket is created at the beginning of the tournament and by the end, only two players are playing against each other for the top prize.


Cost for a Slot Tournament

Typical Vegas slot tournaments for regular players have a buy in of one hundred to four hundred dollars and this cost is typical for the industry. This not only covers the cost of the entry to the tournament but typically includes the hotel room and meals as well. However, sometimes casinos will have invitation only slot tournaments that are either for privileged members, high rollers or simply players that they have identified from the player’s reward programs as playing the slot machines on a frequent basis. For these, the players attend for free, on the casino’s dime.


How Much Can be Won

The typical slot tournament in Vegas and beyond will often have a prize pool of fifty to one hundred thousand dollars. The typical top prize is either 25,000 or 50,000 dollars with the remaining prize money going to the top five, top ten or even top twenty finishers in the tournament, depending on the number of participants in the tournament. Keep in mind that each player furnishes their own seed money for each round of the tournament and if they lose the max in one round of the tournament they will have to continue funding subsequent rounds or drop out of the tournament.

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