Las Vegas Slots Tournaments at Excalibur

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and with a variety of exciting theme based casinos, nothing is more fun than choosing one for a round of slots play. For those who want something a bit outside the norm of putting your coins into one slot machine, slots tournaments are the perfect solution. You can enter and play for a specific period of time for a set amount

If you win, you will receive a great jackpot prize and if you lose your losses are mitigated. Slots tournaments are perfect for those on a budget who want to have fun and play for awhile. Many Las Vegas casinos have regular slots tournaments and Excalibur is no different.


Excalibur slots tournament times and prices

Every Thursday through Sunday you can enter their daily tournament that starts at 2 pm and runs through 5 pm with the last ten minute session starting at 4:30 in the Excalibur Hotel and Casino rotunda. Everyone is welcome to play who is of legal gambling age but you do have to be a member of the MGM/Mirage Players’ Club. You can do this instantly, though, by signing up at the casino. For those who regularly play using the MGM/Mirage Players’ Club card, you may receive a special invitation to enter the tournament for free. If you do not have a free tournament entry you can purchase entrance into the tournament for $20 per session.


Registering and playing at Excalibur slots tournaments

Once you pay your entrance fee you will be assigned a start time. You may purchase more than one session based on availability. Once you have your start time you will draw a random machine number. This will correspond to the machine you will play for the duration of the session. The start of the tournament will be announced and you will push the spin button to spin the reels. You do not have to insert any coins; just spin the reels each time. After the end of the session the slot machine will automatically stop. Your wins and losses will be kept track of via casino credits on the slot machine. Stay seated at your slot machine until your score is noted and signed off on.


Winning at Excalibur slots tournaments

The top ten winners will be added to the leaderboard that may fluctuate during each session to come up with the final top ten players across the tournament. If there is a tie, the two tying places will share the two corresponding places. For example, a tie for second will mean the second and third prize will be combined and split equally. Fourth through tenth place winners will each receive two free buffets. Third place will receive $100 in free play and second will receive $500 in free play. The grand prize for the Excalibur slots tournament is $1,000 cash.


About Excalibur Casino

Excalibur is located on the Las Vegas strip and has a medieval theme. In addition to the slots tournament, players can enjoy a full range of the most up to date slot machines available in multiple denominations. Excalibur Casino also has video poker, a sports book and the most popular table games. It is home to one of the most famous Las Vegas entertainment venues, the Tournament of Kings dinner show.

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