Benefits of Slot Tournaments

Online or offline, why would someone want to compete in a slots tournament? The quick answer to this is that they are fun and provide a level of competition for what is normally a solitary game. Slots tournaments are a great opportunity for people who enjoy slot machines to take their love to another level and whether this is in a casino in Vegas or elsewhere or online, they are often available for play.


Benefit One: More Excitement

Let’s face it, even in the glitz and glamour of a five-star hotel and casino, sitting for an hour or two at the same slot machine can become tedious and even boring. Even the best five reel slot machine will seem dull after this time. You’ve hit all the bonus modes and the only thing you have left to do is hit some serious cash so you can validate getting up and walking away.

However, with a slots tournament, you have more reason to stay than just the hope of an odds defying jackpot. Instead, you will be focusing on increasing your bank roll little by little and your goal is to spin as many times as possible to increase the number of potential chances to win. The winner of the slots tournament will receive cash and prizes similar to the top bonus payout on many slots games, with far better odds of doing so than the odds of the top jackpot on any given machine.


Benefit Two: Those Payouts

For offline casinos, the promise of scoring 25,000 to 50,000 dollars in prize money is not easy to ignore. Even online casino’s slots tournaments have payouts of well over a thousand dollars, all for just doing what you would be doing anyway – playing slots. Either way, the prize potential for the slots tournament is excellent and the pool of players means that if you get lucky, you will win and potentially win big.

This same luck can be applied to the slots themselves in the form of jackpot payouts; however, the odds are not nearly as good. Instead of trying to beat the odds on the slot game itself, it is much better to try for one of the payouts from a slots tournament. The chances of winning are far better.


Benefit Three: Vacation

For offline slots tournaments, buying into one of these tournaments makes good sense for the couple wanting a vacation as well because the room and meals are often included in the entry fee for the tournament. For the most part, when casinos offer these slot tournament packages, the prices are stellar with a great amount of money saved over going to the same casino and paying for the room and meals without the package discount.

Many online slots sites have slots tournaments that have vacations as the top prize for the tournament. While a discounted vacation is nice, a free vacation is even better, especially when that free vacation is to an exotic beachfront resort and casino, where you can further fuel your slots fun in a setting that cannot get tedious.

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