Online Slots Tournaments vs. Offline Slots Tournaments

While there is little doubt that there are slots players who play exclusively online, many slots players mix up their slots play with brick and mortar casino experiences when they can afford to. There are also many slots players that do not play online at all as well. For the group that play both, they may be offered opportunities both offline and online to participate in slots tournaments. Which is better though, the offline or the online slot tournament? The short answer is that it depends on the individuals goals. The long answer is below:



One of the places where an online slots tournament can really win is the cost to enter the tournament. The typical offline slots tournament that isn’t invitational can cost upwards of five hundred dollars for a weekend event. This does include the room and food but it is still quite a big quantity of cash to come up with to enter the tournament. This does not include money to play on the slot machines themselves either, just like the online slots tournament.

The online tournament is essentially free to enter. There may be a deposit requirement the day of the tournament but the money deposited can be used as money for play on the slot machines. The net effect is a zero entry fee.


Fun Factor

The thrill of the slot machines is an experience that really is no different online or off. However, there is a big difference in the rest of the day. Spending a day at home cannot compare to the experience of Vegas or any other brick and mortar casino. In this regard, the entry fee is not only paying for entry into the tournament, it is also paying for the casino experience: the hotel, the restaurants and the entertainment away from the slot machines and tables.



From this perspective, online slots tournaments win, hands down. While the weekend away at Vegas sounds good, the convenience of staying at home and playing in the slots tournament online is far easier to do. There is no need to take a day off from work for travel or have to budget funds for entertainment. All in all, it is easier to focus on the slots tournament from home as well.


Prize Potential

In terms of prizes, the offline tournaments have much better prizes. While the cost to enter is higher, the prizes are at time dramatically higher. Compared to the amount spent on entry fees as well as the amount spent on the slot machines themselves, the payout difference is pretty dramatic. A typical offline tournament will have a top prize of twenty five thousand dollars or more while the typical top prize for an online tournament will be only a thousand dollars. However, the number of people that actually receive a prize of some sort from the tournament is much higher for online slots tournaments. Even with this, the total prize potential for an offline tournament is going to be higher than a typical online tournament.

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