How to Play in Online Slot Tournaments

Online slot tournaments can be a fun way to play slots. By having not only the incentive to win right now but be able to possibly win a big prize at the end of the tournament it makes the entire game more exciting. Some of the tournaments online have big payouts while others are more designed as fun promotions rather than having amazing payouts. Playing in an online slots tournament is easy though and is something that any slots player should experience.


Finding a Slot Tournament

Many online casino sites host monthly slots tournaments on their sites but finding these tournaments can take some work. The best way to know about upcoming events for an online casino site you have an account on is to sign up for their newsletter. Typically sent out once a month by email, these newsletters contain promotions and events that the site is having. Apart from this, simply looking in the promotions section of a favored website or finding the website’s blog will often have this same information. Third party sites are another option as well as they have a good idea of what is going on in the entire world of online slots tournaments, not just one’s particular site’s offerings.


Read the Rules

Prior to entering any online slots tournament, you should take time to read the site’s rules for the tournament. The rules are typically very straight forward but most sites have some specific requirements that must be adhered to in order to be eligible for the tournament and the prize money. For example, many sites have a deposit requirement for the day of the tournament. It often is not that much, perhaps fifty dollars or so, but to be able to win the tournament, you have to make a deposit that day. Other sites require the player to register to play in the tournament and each site specifies when they must register. For some sites, it may be a onetime registration. For others, there may be a registration period the week before the tournament begins and the player must register for each tournament separately. Finally, some slots tournaments are open to any slot game on the online casino site while others center around specific slot machine games.


Ready, Set, Play

When the time for the tournament begins, get ready to play. Most online slot tournaments are based on accumulating comp points during the specified hours of play. Make your deposit and go. The best bet to start with is to play max lines but a low bet. Once you have won a bit of a bigger bank roll, start upping the bet. Try to focus on only a few games rather than jumping from game to game. Two hundred spins on one slot game is going to have better payout odds than fifty spins on four different games. This is difficult to do sometimes, especially when a slot machine keeps taking your money but statistically speaking it is the best choice. Remember, you get comp points for spending money so spend, spend, spend so you can win big.

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