Comp Point Based Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments are becoming increasingly popular especially with the online casino community. While there are also plenty of land based casinos that hold slots tournaments, they are typically held differently than those played at some online casinos.

Using a comp point system is nearly exclusive to the online casino market and can be a lot of fun and lucrative. However, it is advisable to make sure you know what you are getting into before committing to a comp point based slots tournament. Different online casinos and even different slots tournaments at one casino have rules exclusive to them.


The basics of comp point based slots tournaments

When you sign up for a slots tournament check to see how it is run. If it is based on comp points, the rules are usually pretty simple. You may or may not need to opt in to the tournament. So, make sure you do not have to opt to participate in order to be eligible.

You don’t want to play for a long time thinking your points are going to the leaderboard results when in fact they are not being counted. If you have to opt in, do so. Then, you will likely have a list of slots games that are eligible and some that are not. Often progressive slots are not eligible for the tournament so make sure before you sit down for a power session of slots that you are playing an eligible game.

Then, all you need to do is play the game. Every time you wager you will accumulate comp points. Comp points are accumulated at varying rates at different casinos. For example, you may get one comp point for every dollar you wager or you may get one comp point for every five dollars you wager. Just make sure you understand how you accumulate points.


Getting on the leaderboard with comp point tournaments

The more you play, the more comp points you will earn. Each tournament will pay a prize out to a certain number of places. Often these can be quite a few places with smaller prizes for the lower placing entrants. For example, the top one hundred places may win a prize but only the top ten get awarded an amount over $20.

The tournament will be held within a certain time frame and as you play and wager during that time, you can see your comp points grow. You will also see how you rank for the tournament, when you increase your placing and if someone strides ahead of you. There is typically a prize award grid where you can see your expected reward for the place you are in.

Some comp point tournaments are held over the course of several days with each day’s place holders receiving a prize and then a larger, overall winner. Often each day’s prize pays out to several places but the overall winning places are the top ten or fewer. So, if you enter a two day tournament and place first on both days, you actually have an opportunity to win three times: day one’s prize, day two’s prize and the overall prize.

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