Finding the Best Online Slots Tournaments

Online slots are incredibly popular around the world and many sites which offer online slots have tournaments. These may be a regular occurrence, happening monthly or even weekly on some sites or they could be special tournaments that only occur every few months. Some sites will even make online slots tournaments invitation only. However, not all online slots tournaments are created equal and finding a site with the best online slots tournament is not hard but has to be sought out.


How Easy is it To Enter?

Each casino site is going to have a different procedure for entering their slots tournaments. For some sites, it is very simple while other sites have far more complicated rules. For example, some sites simply require people who want to participate in a tournament to make a deposit the day of the tournament. Other sites require pre registration.

This could be a onetime registration done by email to the casino site or registration for each slots tournament. In the case of registration for each tournament, there is often a window for registration that occurs the week before the tournament and timing the registration can be difficult. Finding a slots tournament that is easy to enter is one thing many people look at when determining the best online slots tournaments.


Prize Type and Amounts


One of the biggest things to consider when finding the best online slots tournaments is to look at the prize type, even more than prize amount. Some sites only award prizes as bonuses for the site, not as cash. This means that winning the top prize will require a ten, twenty, thirty or even forty time play through requirement for those winnings to be able to be withdrawn. This means that any prize money won is not really the players until they gamble a lot more than the amount itself. A thousand dollars of bonus cash with even a ten times play through requirement will mean the player has to bet 10,000 dollars before they can with draw it. Other online casinos have slots tournaments that give cash prizes instead for the top players with bonus funds or site credit given out to those that place but place lower. This is far more fair to everyone.

The other consideration should be the prize amount as well. Playing slots has risks and there is a chance that while playing during the online slots tournament, that you will ultimately lose money while playing. Some tournaments’ top prizes are not even enough to cover those losses, making them make little sense from a profit perspective.



Some tournaments will allow players to play virtually any slot game on their site, giving players a chance to play their favorite game or research and find the slot machine with the best combination of payout and bonus hits to try to make the best attempt at winning the tournament. This can be potentially good for players who are savvy enough to do this research. Other online slots tournaments focus on having all players play one of only a few games instead, limiting the choices and making the playing field more level.

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