Las Vegas Slots Tournaments at Bellagio

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino located on the Las Vegas Strip is a premier destination for anyone who wants to enjoy all the style, luxury and opulence Las Vegas has to offer. The Bellagio is dedicated to providing the most enjoyable gaming experience possible to guests, vacationers and players at the casino.

One of the most popular games in Las Vegas and at the Bellagio specifically is slots. Slots games are perfect for every budget and you can win millions with the spin of the reels. But for those who don’t want to take a chance at individual slots games, possibly losing a lot and winning nothing, Ballagio slots tournaments are the ideal solution. You can enter slots tournaments for a set fee and then play for a predetermined length of time. Top winners will receive a prize.


Bellagio slots tournament times and prices

The Bellagio holds many slots tournaments throughout the month. They have published tournaments available on their slots tournament calendar or you can contact the casino for a list of the upcoming events. The days they are available change monthly. Plus, there are different themes and prices as well as different rewards so each tournament may vary greatly in price. At the Bellagio, you may even find slots tournaments that are available for free. Most slots tournaments are held in one of the ballrooms at the luxurious Bellagio casino.


Registering and playing at Bellagio slots tournaments

Registration for Bellagio slots tournaments typically happens the day prior to the event. You present your required MGM/Mirage Players’ Club card and sign in. At that time you will be randomly assigned a slot machine to play at. This is the machine you will use for the duration of the event. Multiple sessions typically comprise the entire slots tournament. When you arrive for your assigned start time you will go to your machine and hit the spin button for the duration of the session when the slots tournament emcee counts down the start of the tournament. No coins are needed to play. Play ceases automatically when it is over and the amount of points you accumulate will constitute your score. Your score will be entered in the leaderboard for prize consideration. At the end of the tournament, the top places will receive the posted awards.


Winning at Bellagio slots tournaments

All participants in the Bellagio slots tournaments will receive a thank you gift for playing. In addition, the top places on the leaderboard will win a prize. Each slots tournament at the Bellagio is different so the top places and the accompanying prizes will vary with each slots tournament. You may also get to enjoy entertainment, food and drinks while the tournament is in session.


About Bellagio Casino

The Bellagio casino is known for its beauty and luxury. In addition to their regularly held slots tournaments you can also find the latest slot machines available 24/7, table games and specialty games. They also have great accommodations, dining and entertainment. It is home to the world famous fountains of Bellagio, a choreographed water show to classical, opera and Broadway music.

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