Online Slot Tournaments

Slot Tournaments are a fun and sociable way to play slots - as a player, they give you great value for money and the chance to play against other players.

Many slot tournaments are free. If you love slots, but hate spending your money, then free slot tourneys are the way the best value way to play slots on the web

Our aim is to help you find reputable casino sites with slot tournaments where you can win real money.

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Play Online Slot Tournaments

If you are looking for online slot tournaments, our site can help you find what you need. We list the best US online casinos where you can play free slot tournaments or for bigger prizes, play real money slot tournaments.

All of these casinos have excellent customer service to help you cash-out your winnings easily if you win big.


What are Slot Tournaments?

For people who frequent casinos, either online casinos or land based casinos, the idea of a tournament is familiar. This is especially true for poker as poker tournaments are not only popular in casinos but are even televised so casual observers can watch the tournament unfold. But what some people may not realize is that there are slots tournaments also. Both land based casinos and online casinos offer occasional tournaments for their slots players.


This may seem like an unlikely and even impossible endeavor but it is not. It is actually quite simple and a lot of fun. People who enjoy slots may very well benefit from entering slots tournaments. Not only will you have a great time playing but you will have the opportunity to win your share of a large pot. There are a few common ways slots tournaments are set up and often those who enter do so for bragging rights as much as the money they receive.


Some slots games are based on an entry fee that is paid in order to play. You do not deposit any more money than what you start with and your winnings are dependent on your standing at the end of the tournament. The way it works is that your entry fee buys you a certain amount of credits and a certain amount of time to play a certain slots game. This means of conducting a slots tournament is quite popular with land based casinos though variations are also incorporated into online casinos.


You may, for example, pay an entry fee of $100. For that $100 you receive 1,000 credits and are assigned a certain slot machine for a period of time. When the time starts you simply play. You will win some and you will lose some. You are finished with the tournament of one of two things happens: you run out of credits or you run out of time.


At the end of the time the person who has the most credits wins the tournament. Often multiple places are paid so the top several winners may receive a cut of the pot with the first place winner getting the bulk of it.


Another way to play that is particular popular at online casinos is to use a points system. You will typically need to opt into the tournament and play certain games but you will win and lose as you play. The more points you accumulate, the better your standing on the leaderboard. You may also, in addition to winning or placing at the tournament, win additional money throughout the time you are playing the game. However, you will also have to deposit your own money to play each game.


Some casinos get quite creative about their slots tournaments and there are some variations. However, the basic idea of the tournament is the same regardless of the details on how it is conducted. Players play slots games. They win some and lose some within an allotted time frame. When the period for the tournament is up there will be a ranking. The top players will win a certain amount of money for doing well in the slots tournament.


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